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  • Douglas Hot Springs Park - Natural thermal hot springs


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    Let Rob and Marg help you plan a personal custom-made private to Kakadu and the Top End of Australia and even to Uluru or the Kimberley and beyond
    Let Rob and Marg help you plan a personal custom-made private tour to Kakadu and the Top End of Australia and even to Uluru or the Kimberley and beyond

    Visit Kakadu National Park and explore Kakadu campgrounds from April till November this Dry Season from Darwin Australia

    Site accessibility: 4WD

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    The thermal hot springs at Tjuwaliyn (Douglas) Hot Springs is this park's biggest drawcard. You can experience a natural thermal hot springs treatment or head up or downstream for cooler pools. The park is on the traditional lands of the Wagiman people and contains sacred sites. The Wagiman women care for and work with Parks and Wildlife to manage the park and continue to perform ceremonies on the land. They ask that men do not go near the sacred site. Do not enter areas of the park closed for cultural and conservation reasons.

    Tjuwaliyn - Douglas Hot Springs Park

    Nearest hub: Darwin
    Driving distance from Darwin to Tjuwaliyn - Douglas Hot Springs Park Campground is Travel 200km south along the Stuart Highway from Darwin - see below

    How to get from Darwin to Tjuwaliyn: Travel 200km south along the Stuart Highway from Darwin, or 150km north from Katherine. Take the Dorat and then Oolloo Roads. Follow the signs to the park. The last 7km is unsealed road, though you can usually tow caravans and trailers. Opening hours: All year round, but roads may close during the Wet Season from October to April. Contact Phone: (08) 8976 0282

    Located 150 kilometres north of Katherine, these hot springs are surrounded by tropical woodlands and hold water up to 60 degrees Celsius. Swimming is only recommended downstream where warm and cooler waters converge. There's plenty of wildlife in the area and visitors are catered for in a large camping area with basic facilities. Just east of the Daly River is the area known as the Douglas Daly. It is home to the popular Douglas Hot Springs. In certain parts, the springs bubble at temperatures reaching 60 degrees Celsius and swimming is recommended in cooler pools downstream. There are plenty of camping and caravan facilities in the region, including the Douglas Daly Tourist Park where you can swim through The Arches, an amazing natural formation, into a waterhole that’s safe for swimming.

    What to see and do Tjuwaliyn - Douglas Hot Springs Park
    You can do all of the following activities at the park: •swimming – in designated areas only •camping •bushwalking.

    Walking in Tjuwaliyn Douglas Hot Springs
    • Walking: Follow the creekline along the Douglas River and explore the riverine habitat and enjoy the quiet pools, sandy beaches and cascades.
    • When to visit Tjuwaliyn Douglas Hot Springs
    • The most comfortable time to visit is in the dry season (May - September).
    • Heavy rains during the wet season (October - April) may cause road closures.

    Tjuwaliyn (Douglas) Hot Springs

    Safety: You can have a safe and comfortable trip to Tjuwaliyn (Douglas) Hot Springs by doing all of the following: •be aware that some parts of the river are very hot •observe park safety signs •carry and drink plenty of water •wear a hat, sunscreen and insect repellent •wear suitable clothing and footwear •carry a first aid kit •avoid strenuous activity during the heat of the day •make sure your vehicle is well-maintained and equipped •beware of theft, lock vehicles and secure valuables.

    Douglas River Esplanade, Douglas Daly Region
    The river starts where the Katherine and Flora Rivers meet encompassing the areas of the Douglas Daly and Daly River regions. Famed for its large barramundi, the Daly is one of the more popular waterways for recreational fishing, with two major fishing competitions held annually, the Barra Classic and the Barra Nationals. This Conservation Area protects part of the Douglas River and its riverine wildlife. Along the river, springs bubble to the surface from underlying groundwater aquifers forming quiet, shady pools, rushing cascades, thermal pools, sandy beaches and unusual limestone formations. If you are travelling south from Darwin, take the Old Stuart Highway scenic route from Adelaide River. If travelling north, take the scenic route just north of Hayes Creek, then take the Oolloo Road until you reach the Douglas Daly Park. The Conservation Area is around 140km from Katherine and 200km from Darwin. Once in the Conservation Area a dirt track provides Dry Season access for all vehicles (from May to September). Follow the creekline along the Douglas River and explore the riverine habitat and enjoy the quiet pools, sandy beaches and cascades. The most comfortable time to visit is in the Dry Season (from May to September). Heavy rains during the Wet Season (October to April) may cause road closures. Restrictions: No swimming due to the presence of saltwater crocodiles.

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    Map of Douglas Hot Springs from Darwin
    • The map is copyright and credit: NTTC

    Be Crocwise: Fishing, boating and swimming safety tips for vistors to Darwin, Kakadu and the Top End

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